Introducing Zichire

Zichire project mission is to promote quality public health research and implement programs that further the health of the Zimbabwean people and international community. The emphasis is on high quality, ethically sound and sustainable public health research work and programs.
Zichire has offices located in Milton Park close to the Parirenyatwa Hospital where the College of Health Sciences is housed. The premises include the main administrative offices at 28 Van Praagh Road and the VMMC Program offices at 27 Harvey Brown Road. The two buildings are located back to back with the main entrance to the premises from 28 Van Praagh Road. The entire premises are connected to the internet via WiFi and optic fiber cable, a separate borehole in case there is a water supply challenge and a backup generator in the event of power cuts.
ZiCHIRe has conducted over ten large and several small-scale studies. These include clinical trials of the PrePex and behavioural research studies that helped inform program implementation, helped to assess the impact of public health intervention as well as to help in the design of these interventions. More on Publications