About us

ZiCHIRe is a research and programme implementation institution with more than 16 years of experience affiliated to the Department of Community Medicine in the College of Health Sciences at the University of Zimbabwe.

ZiCHIRe has a suite of offices, a board room and a conference room located at 28 Van Praagh Avenue, Milton Park, Harare. ZiCHIRe is located about a mile from the College of Health Sciences.

It was founded in 2000 as a joint effort by the Department of Community Medicine and Battelle, to serve as a vehicle to conduct high quality public health and social science research, to impact the health of individuals, families and communities in Zimbabwe.

It has a team of over 50 research associates with graduate and post graduate degrees in psychology, population studies, anthropology, sociology, and statistics. Health sciences majors include nurses, laboratory technologists and technologists and medical officers.

Additionally, ZiCHIRe has the infrastructure and capacity to provide data management and record maintenance for all research data collected, including data checking, cleaning, coding, entry verification, analysis and cleaning in line with the standard security procedures in human subjects’ research.


Our mission is to provide quality  research services and evidence based public health  interventions and solutions in support the national health programs.

Our objective is to develop and test specific community interventions relevant to the major health problems of Zimbabwe.

Implement the specific public health intervention/strategy in selected field and assess the effectiveness of the particular intervention strategy using behavioural and biological outcomes.

Document and disseminate the findings of the intervention research to interested parties.