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    Botswana 2009


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    # Title Type Times Room Chairs
    1 An international measure of Quality of Life specific to PW HIV Satellite 09.55-13:00 Tsodilo B4 SIDACTION,
    Vincent Douris,
    Veronica Noseda
    1.1 Veronica Noseda, Martin Duracinsky, Cindy Kelemi, Nthabiseng Phaladze, Bruno Spire, Tonya Taylor
    An international scale of Quality of Life specific to People living with HIV/AIDS
    2 Ethics of Clinical Research Satellite 09:55-13:00 Tsodilo B1+2 Sidaction
    2.1 Marie De Cenival
    The ethics of HIV related research in Africa – Mobilizing civil society
    4 Building capacity for HIV/AIDS prevention trials in Africa: Strategies for meeting a multi-dimensional challenge Satellite 10:00-12:00 Serondela 3+4 Rosemary Musonda,
    Robert Geneau
    4.1 Robert Geneau, Rosemary Musonda
    The Global Health Research Initiative (GHRI)
    4.2 Robert Geneau, Rosemary Musonda
    Building capacity for HIV/AIDS prevention trials in Africa: Strategies for meeting a multi-dimensional challenge
    46 HIV in South Africa: A Turning Tide Among Teenagers? Satellite 12:00-14:00 Serondela 3+4 HSRC,
    Olive Shisana,
    Linda Richter
    3 HIV considerations in Botswana Satellite 13:00-14:00 Tsodilo B1+2 Sheila Tlou
    47 Are gay communities dying Satellite 13:00-14:00 Tsodilo B4 Simon Rosser,
    William West
    47.1 Bill West, Simon  Rosser
    Are gay communities dying-II? A follow-up to the Consultation at AIDS Impact (2007) on how gay communities are evolving globally.
    5 Opening Ceremony Plenary 14:00-15:00 Tsodilo C Sheila Tlou,
    Batho C. Molomo,
    Frans van Den Boom
    5.1 Sheila Tlou
    OPENING CEREMONY – 14:00-14:05–National Anthem led by NACA Choi 14:05-14:10–Welcome remarks by Prof. Sheila Tlou, Co-Chair, Local Organising Committee 14:10-14:15–Remarks by Prof. Lorraine Sherr, AIDS Impact 14:15-14:20–Remarks Ms. Regina Lesole , Activist, Ms. Stigma-Free 2006 14:20-14:30–Song by NACA choir
    5.2 Mark Stirling
    Global HIV Challenges
    6 HIV state of the Art Plenary 15:30-18:00 Tsodilo C Lorraine Sherr,
    Pepe Catalan
    6.1 Olive Shisana
    HIV in the disabled population: are we doing our part?
    6.2 Chloe Orkin
    Anti-retroviral therapy in 2009: what have we learned?
    6.3 Gita Ramjee
    HIV Prevention Overview
    6.4 Bruno Spire
    Quality of Life and HIV- ANRS Plenary
    6.5 John De Wit
    Gay Men
    6.6 Elly Katabira
    International AIDS Society 2009 Update
    6.7 Mary-jane Rotheram
    Families Thriving while Living with HIV
    # Title Type Times Room Chairs
    8 Challenges Plenary 08:30-10:00 Tsodilo C Olive Shisana,
    Olivia Dix
    8.1 Simon Gregson
    Mapping the Epidemic – understanding changes
    8.2 Richard Harding
    Beyond virology: are we enhancing quality of life and the patient experience of HIV disease?
    8.3 Ashraf Grimwood
    An AIDS Free Generation in our Time?
    8.4 Christiana Noestlinger
    HIV and Women
    8.5 Lau Tak Fai Joseph
    The HIV Epidemic among MSM in China
    8.6 Catherine Hankins
    HIV Prevention Research: Current and Future Challenges
    9 Combination Prevention Parallel 10:30-12:30 Tsodilo B1+2 Kees Reitmeijer
    9.1 Danuta Kasprzyk, Daniel Monta�o
    Integrating biomedical and behavioral interventions into a practical approach to HIV prevention
    9.2 Daniel Montano, Danuta Kasprzyk
    The evolving standard of behavioral HIV prevention interventions: Lessons learned from the CPOL trial
    9.3 Hunter Handsfield
    Biomedical Strategies for HIV Prevention
    10 Men who have sex with Men Parallel 10:30-12:30 Tsodilo B4 Tomas Campbell,
    Nnunu Tsheko,
    Alain Leobon
    10.1 Emilie HENRY, Fabienne  Marcellin, Yves Yomb, Lionel Fugon, Steave Nemande, Charles Gueboguo,
    Joseph Larmarange, Emmanuel Trenado, Fred Eboko, Bruno Spire
    Factors associated with unprotected anal intercourse (UAI) among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Douala, Cameroun
    10.2 Yomb fils ROGER YVES, Yves roger YOMB
    Education by MSM leaders: a community-based prevention project in the city of Douala.
    10.3 Gabriel Girard
    HIV/aids prevention among French gay men: risk perception and preventive decision with casual partners.
    10.4 Garrett Prestage, Iryna Zablotska
    Sex partying among gay men in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia
    10.5 Wijnand Van den Boom, Ineke Stolte, Udi Davidovich
    Are we systematically overestimating sexual risk behaviour? New insights into accurate measurements of risky UAI with casual partners among MSM.
    10.6 Jeffrey Grierson, Anthony Smith, Henry Von Doussa
    Social and structural characteristics of sexual practice in sex on premises venues
    10.7 Titia Heijman, Freke Zuure, Udi Davidovich
    Understanding barriers to safe sex of MSM recently diagnosed with HIV
    10.8 Iryna Zablotska
    The safety of negotiated safety
    11 Stigma Parallel 10:30-12:30 Serondela 3+4 Arvin Bhana,
    Mosarwa Segwabe
    11.1 Julie Pannetier
    The impact of antiretrovirals on HIV stigmatisation in Northern Thailand
    11.2 Mbaraka Amuri, Mbaraka  Amuri, Steve Mitchell, Anne Cockcroft, Neil Andersson
    Socio-economic status and HIV and AIDS stigma in Tanzania
    11.3 Tomas Campbell, Hannah Beer, Precious Legemah, Mbalu Saine
    Does Lipodystrophy Syndrome (LDS) have an effect on mood stigma and illness perception in HIV+ African people? A comparative study in a London clinic.
    11.4 Elisabete De Carvalho, Mathilde Coudray
    4th survey on Discrimination against people living with HIV – Sida Info Service (France)
    11.5 Christian Andreo, Daniela  Rojas, Jean-marie Le Gall, Graciela Cattaneo, Cynthia Benkhoucha, Joanne Otis,
    Martin Blais, Bruno Spire, Vincent Pelletier
    Gender inequality: Differences between men and women living with HIV/AIDS. Results from the AIDES & toi survey
    11.6 Eric Benotsch, Shannon Perschbacher, Marisa Green, Mark Thrun
    HIV disclosure, deception, and sexual risk behavior among HIV-positive men and women
    12 Children and HIV Parallel 10:30-12:30 Tsodila C Susan Newcomer,
    John Miller
    12.1 Linda Richter, Lorraine Sherr
    Children affected by AIDS: Strengthening families through income support and family-focused services
    12.2 Alicia Davids, Leickness Simbayi, Nolusindiso Ncitakalo, Vuyelwa Mehlomakhulu
    Community perceptions and understanding of the risk factors that affect children who have been sexually abused
    12.3 Kristien Michielsen, Bert Meulders, Wim Delva, Sandy Groeninck, Marleen Temmerman, Bart Vanreusel
    The effectiveness of HIV/AIDS prevention through sport: the case of Mathare Youth Sport Association in Kenya
    12.4 Jill Hanass-Hancock
    Tangible Skill Building and HIV-Youth Intervention
    12.5 Myl�ne  Fernet, Marie-eve  Richard, Joanne  Otis, Joseph Josy L�vy, Normand  Lapointe, Johanne  Samson,
    Guylaine Morin, Kimberly Wong, Jocelyne Th�riault, Germain  Trottier
    Challenges of adherence to antiretroviral treatments in youths living with HIV since birth
    12.6 Caroline Kuo, Don Operario, Lucie Cluver
    Caring for AIDS-Orphaned Children: Varying Health Vulnerabilities Amoungst Carers
    12.7 Petra De Koker, An Vercoutere, Wim Delva, Stijn Vansteelandt, J Lamah, C Loua,
    Marleen Temmerman, Lieven Annemans
    How supportive is the social network of AIDS orphans and other orphaned children in Conakry and Guinea?
    13 Crystal Mess Workshop 12:30-13:30 Serondela 3+4 Simon Rosser,
    Gudrun Anita Heeren
    13.1 Flick Thorley
    Crystal Mess: The damage crystal methamphetamine is doing to gay men.
    14 Capacity Strengthening Is Essential for Effective HIV/STI Prevention Workshop 12:30-13:30 Tsodilo B1+2 Bram Langen
    14.1 Bram Langen
    WORKSHOP PROPOSAL: Capacity Strengthening of LGBTI Organisations Is Essential for Effective HIV/STI Prevention
    14.2 Bram Langen
    Capacity Strengthening of LGBTI Organisations Is Essential for Effective HIV/STI Prevention
    41 School-Based Intimate Partner Violence Preventive Intervention Workshop 12:30-13:30 Tsodilo B4 Pam Cupp,
    Rachel Jewkes
    41.1 Pam Cupp, Rachel Jewkes, Marcia Russell, Anik Gevers, Cathy Mathews, Chantel LeFleur-Bellerose,
    Alan Flisher
    Combining Existing Interventions to Develop a School-Based Intimate Partner Violence Preventive Intervention for South African Youth
    41.2 Rachel  Jewkes, Alan Flisher, Pam Cupp, Cathy Mathews, Marcia Russell, Anik Gevers,
    Chantel LeFleur-Bellerose
    The theoretical framework for a school-based IPV intervention
    44 Care in the home revisited- a comprehensive research agenda for consultation Workshop 12:30-13:30 Tsodilo C Lucie Cluver
    44.1 Lucie Cluver, Mosa Moshabela, Malega Kganakga, Johanna De Beer, Caroline Kuo, Tyler Lane,
    Rose Zulliger, Thelma Mahlobo, Marisa Casale
    Special Panel Application. Care in the home revisited- a comprehensive research agenda for consultation
    15 SocioPolitical challenges Parallel 14:00-16:00 Tsodilo B1+2 George Palattiyil,
    Ana Guell,
    Lorraine Townsend
    15.1 Kevin Moody, Rahab Mwaniki, Peter Mweke, Kenly Sikwese
    Articulating the what, why and how of the application of the GIPA principle in Kenya, Zambia and Nigeria
    15.2 Refilwe Sello, Tafireyi Marukutira, Victoria Nakimbugwe, Edwin Machine, Vincent Mabikwa, Shimane Lekalake,
    Ryan Phelps, Gabriel Anabwani
    Towards eliminating pediatric HIV in Botswana: the experience at the Botswana-Baylor childrens clinical centre of excellence (COE)
    15.3 Mukuzi Muhereza, Mukuzi Muhereza
    Does monetary facilitation improve work output among community AIDS support agents volunteers? A TASO experience.
    15.4 Gurmit Singh
    The added value of community involvement in public health/HIV research: An abstract review of the concept
    15.5 Maretha  Visser, Jenny Makin, Brian Forsyth
    Ethical issues in HIV/AIDS research in Africa: Boundaries between research and intervention
    15.6 Karl Lemmen, Peter Wiessner
    HIV related travel restrictions enhance discrimination, exclusion and vulnerability of people with HIV
    15.7 Mmapaseka Majaja, Geoffrey Setswe, Alicia  Davids, Nokhona Lewa
    Psychosocial support (PSS) needs of community home based carers (CHBC) working with orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWA) in South Africa
    16 Economics and HIV Parallel 14:00-16:00 Tsodilo B4 Stefan German,
    Boga Fidzani,
    Marian Pitts
    16.1 Erik Lamontagne, Robert Greener, Erik Lamontagne
    How the current economic crisis might impact HIV in low and middle income countries ?
    16.2 Sian Floyd, Angela Baschieri, Aulive Msoma, Albert Dube, Andreas Jahn, Neil French,
    Judith Glynn
    The impact of HIV/AIDS on household dynamics and household welfare in rural Malawi
    16.3 Jean-paul Moatti, Sylvie Boyer, Sophie Rasson, Ren�e-c�cile Bonono, Lionel Fugon, Sandrine Loubière,
    Josiane Tantchou, Fabienne Marcellin, Pierre Ongolo-Zogo, Marie Préau, Maria patrizia Carrieri, Bruno Spire,
    Jean-paum Moatti
    Decentralization of access to HIV treatment in Cameroun: impact on knowledge, practices, attitudes and working conditions among physicians involved in HIV care
    16.4 Peter Delobelle, Cynthia Langa, Hans Onya, Rika Decock, Annemarie Depoorter
    Health promoting hospital: a new strategy for HIV/AIDS risk prevention
    16.5 Larry Sawers, Larry Sawers, Eileen Stillwaggon
    Understanding HIV in Southern Africa
    16.6 Erik Lamontagne, Robert Greener, Erik Lamontagne, Thomas Lievens
    Expanding Long Term Sustainable Financing for HIV in African Countries: First country Results
    16.7 Robert Greener, Tomas Lievens, Erik Lamontagne
    Expanding Long Term Sustainable Financing for HIV in African Countries: First country Results
    16.8 C�me  NIYONGABO
    To restore autonomy and dignity of the people living with VIH/Aids through an economic activity
    17 HIV Testing and Risk Management Parallel 14:00-16:00 Serondela 3+4 Gary Orr,
    Alain Lebon
    17.1 Heidi Van Rooyen
    The complexity of advice in voluntary counselling and testing: a distinctly moral activity
    17.2 Ide Cremin, Phyllis  Mushati, Paradzai  Mushore, Simon Cauchemez, Geoff Garnett, Simon Gregson
    Disclosure of serostatus following HIV testing in Zimbabwe
    17.3 Marian Pitts, Jeffrey Grierson, Anthony Smith, Vernon Solomon, Graham  Lindegger, Kevin Durrheim
    Social Networks, Health Seeking Behaviour and HIV testing among South African University Students
    17.4 Veronique Massari, Veronique Massari, Annabelle Lapostolle, Isabelle  Parizot, Pierre Chauvin
    Gender, socio economic status and migration are barriers to HIV testing in Paris area
    17.5 Sheila Tlou, Khumo Seipone
    Provider-initiated routine offer of HIV testing: lessons learned
    17.6 Tamsen Rochat, Mark Tomlinson, Marie louise Newell, Alan Stein
    Depression among pregnant women testing for HIV in rural South Africa, Implications for VTC
    18 Children affected by HIV Parallel 14:00-16:00 Tsodilo C Refilwe Sello,
    Allan Stein
    18.1 Jennifer Makin, Brian Forsyth, Irma Eloff, Alex Boeving, Maretha  Visser, Michelle Finestone,
    Margaret  Briggs Gowan, Kathleen Sikkema, Liesl Ebersohn, Ronel Ferrreira
    Does the HIV status of a mother have an impact on the functioning of her child?
    18.2 Xiaoming  Li, Yan Hong, Xiaoyi Fang, Xiuyun Lin, Guoxiang Zhao, Junfeng Zhao
    Care arrangement of AIDS orphans and children’s psychosocial well-being: evidence from rural China
    18.3 Laura Robertson, Simon Gregson, Geoff Garnett
    Hierarchical modeling of the effect of orphanhood on sexual behaviour & HIV risk in sub-Saharan Africa
    18.4 Joanne Mueller, Lorraine Sherr, Collin Alie, Beatrice Jonas, Elizabeth Brown
    An evaluation of a community-based art therapy and education intervention for children affected by HIV in South Africa
    18.5 Alan Stein, Alan Stein, Linda Richter, Joan Marston
    Home-based palliative care for children under 7 years infected with HIV and their primary caregivers: Development of a training package
    18.6 Myl�ne  Fernet, Marie-eve  Richard, Kimberly  Wong, Joanne  Otis, Joseph Josy L�vy, Normand  Lapointe,
    Johanne  Samson, Guylaine  Morin, Jocelyne Th�riault, Germain Trottier
    Understanding the needs of the first generation of youths living with HIV since birth: romantic relationships and sexual behaviours
    18.7 Lucie Cluver, Tyler Lane, Malega Kganakga
    Young carers and the impact of AIDS: Increased burden of care on children for their AIDS-sick adult-caregivers
    18.8 Anik Gevers, Alan j Flisher, Catherine Mathews, C LeFleur, Rachel Jewkes, Marcia Russel,
    Pam  Cupp
    Adolescents perspectives of intimate relationships
    19 Implementation of HIV / STI interventions into everyday settings Parallel 16:30-17:30 Tsodilo C Wynne Norton,
    Jeff Fisher
    19.1 Wynne Norton, Deborah h. Cornman, Danuta Kasprzyk, Cornelis a. Rietmeijer
    Symposium: Toward the effective dissemination and implementation of HIV and STI prevention interventions into everyday settings
    19.2 Deborah Cornman
    Title: Challenges of disseminating, adapting, and implementing an evidence-based HIV risk-reduction intervention for PLWHA in different cultural contexts
    19.3 Cornelis  Rietmeijer
    Implementation of Effective Counseling in the Real World of a Busy STI Clinic
    19.4 Danuta Kasprzyk, Daniel Monta�o, Danuta Kasprzyk
    Implementation of a National Community-Level HIV Prevention Intervention in Rural Zimbabwe: Lessons Learned
    20 Pregnancy, Parenthood and HIV Parallel 16:30-17:30 Tsodilo B4 Linda Richter,
    Hoosen Coovadia
    20.1 Boshi Mohlala
    Optimising PMTCT: the forgotten half of the equation
    20.2 Carmel Kelly, Fiona Alderdice, Maria Lohan, Dale Spence
    Reproductive decision-making and approaching fatherhood following diagnosis of HIV a qualitative study of experience and care in Northern Ireland.
    20.3 Caleb k.f  Thole
    Civic educating rural pregnant mothers to take full Nevaripine dose a tool to reducing HIV prevalence in Malawi
    20.4 Sinah Chaba, Kenabetsho  Bainame, Kabo Ditlhakeng , Lebogang gladys Mogapi, Tebogo nkomeng Molosiwa, Khumo Seipone,
    Koona Keapoletswe
    Expansion of psychosocial support and counselling services to men, HIV-positive mothers and their families
    21 Challenging Groups Parallel 16:30-17:30 Tsodilo B1+2 Georgina Caswell,
    Simon Rosser
    21.1 Jill Hanass-Hancock, Loveness Satanda, Jill Hanass-Hancock
    Literature Review Linking HIV/AIDS and Deafness
    21.2 Sue McAllister, Nigel Dickson
    Late diagnosis among adults with HIV in New Zealand
    21.3 John eudes lengwe Kunda, Leagajang Kgakole, Anne Cockcroft, Mokgweetsi Masisi, Ditiro Laetsang, Ari Ho-Foster,
    Nobantu Marokoane, Neil Andersson
    Community views of inter-generational sex: findings from focus groups in Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland
    21.4 Gareth Owen, Mythili  Jayasundaram, Jose Catalan
    Coping with Ageing and HIV/AIDS: A qualitative study of the experiences of older HIV positive gay men living in London, UK.
    22 Targeted Prevention Parallel 16:30-17:30 Serondela 3+4 Stefan German,
    Ide Cremin
    22.1 Ari Ho-Foster, Neil Andersson, Anne Cockcroft, Mokgweetsi Masisi, Ditiro Laetsang, Leagajang Kgakole
    Choice disability and HIV prevention knowledge, attitudes and practices in Botswana
    22.2 Spire Bruno, Perrine Roux, Julien Cohen, Virginie Villes, Isabelle Poizot-Martin, Isabelle Ravaux,
    Patrizia Carrieri, Bruno Spire
    Pattern of inconsistent condom use in individuals HIV-infected through drug use: results from the MANIF 2000 cohort study
    22.3 Cily Tabane
    The opinions of the Batswana people in Botswana on HIV/AIDS prevention and care strategies in Botswana.
    22.4 John b. Jemmott, Anita Heeren
    Predicting African American Heterosexual Mens Condom Use: Prospective Data on a Neglected Population
    22.5 Susan Cochran, Vickie Mays
    Prevalent HIV infection as a mediator of psychiatric morbidity differences among men varying in sexual orientation
    # Title Type Times Room Chairs
    24 Global Issues Plenary 08:30-10:00 Tsodilo C Barbara Hedge,
    Bruno Spire
    24.1 Noreen Huni
    The importance of regional collaboration in ensuring a coordinated strategy and response to children and AIDS.
    24.2 Seth  Kalichman
    24.3 Ann Strode
    Law and Ethics
    24.4 Dolores Albarracin
    The Health Behavior Intervention Process and Social Disparities in HIV Infection
    24.5 Suneeta Krishnan
    Gender inequalities and women’s vulnerability to HIV
    25 Vulnerable women and global efforts Parallel 10:30-12:30 Tsodilo C Wendee Wechsberg
    25.1 Suneeta Krishnan, Karuna Chibber, Sujit Rathod, Kalyani Subbiah, Sajida  Khanum
    Mitigating Womens Vulnerability to Gender-Based Violence and HIV by Focusing on Informal Social Networks: Insights from India
    25.2 Wendee Wechsberg, William  Zule, Rachel Middlesteadt-Ellerson, Felicia Browne, Michelle Kaufman, Winnie Luseno,
    Tracy Kline, Amy  Hernandez
    Adapting an Evidence-Based Woman-Focused HIV Prevention Intervention for Vulnerable Women in Multiple Settings
    25.3 Rachel  Jewkes, Robert Morrell
    Patriarchy, poverty and power: Agency and sexuality amongst teenage girls in the Eastern Cape and implications for prevention
    25.4 Felicia Browne, Wendee Wechsberg, Bronwyn Myers, Rachel Middlesteadt Ellerson, Tara Carney, Nat Rodman
    The Western Cape Womens Health CoOp Study: Formative Research to Randomized Controlled Trial
    26 Risk Parallel 10:30-12:30 Tsodilo B4 Gareth Owen,
    Jeff Grierson,
    Dintle Mogobe
    26.1 Paul Shuper, Deborah Cornman, Susan MacDonald, Sarah Christie, Janet Frohlich, Laramie Smith,
    Lindsay Shepherd, Gethwana Mahlase, Sandy Pillay, Zandile Jojo, Fikile Quvane, Umesh Lalloo,
    William Fisher, Jeffrey Fisher
    Development and Pilot Testing of an HIV Risk-Reduction Intervention Tailored for HIV-Positive Women and Men in Clinical Care in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
    26.2 Mary Van der Riet, Mary Van der Riet
    The contribution of cultural-historical activity theory to the problem of lack of behaviour change: examining the individual-social dialectic
    26.3 Loraine Townsend, Alan Flisher, Cathy Mathews, Mickey Chopra, Yanga Zembe
    Tracking HIV risk behaviour and prevalence over time among players in Cape Town, South Africa
    26.4 Ditiro Laetsang, Ari Ho-Foster, Mokgweetsi Masisi, Marina Anderson, Derrick Tlhoiwe, Anne Cockcroft,
    Neil Andersson
    Who has multiple concurrent sexual partnerships in Botswana? Results of a national cross sectional survey
    26.5 Jean-paul Moatti, Fabienne Marcellin, Claude Ab�, J�r�me Blanche, C�cile-ren�e Bonono, Maria patrizia Carrieri,
    Sinata Koulla-Shiro, Marie Pr�au, Bruno Spire, Jean-paul Moatti
    Higher risk of unsafe sex and impaired quality of life among patients not receiving ART in Cameroon: results from the EVAL survey (ANRS 12-116)
    26.6 Eric Benotsch, David Seal, Derrick  Traylor, Salvatore Seeley, Josh Fegley, Jean Redmann,
    Steven Pinkerton, Laura Bogart, David Klein
    Substance use, motivations for travel, and sexual risk behavior in men on vacation
    26.7 Daniela Rojas, Christian Andreo, Jean-marie Le Gall, Joseph Situ, Joanne Otis, Martin Blais,
    Bruno Spire, Vincent Pelletier
    Migration as an aggravating factor for PLWHA: results from the AIDES & Toi survey
    27 Prevention Interventions Parallel 10:30-12:30 Tsodilo B1+2 Vicky Mays,
    John Jemmott,
    Leickness Simbayi
    27.1 Daniel Montano, Danuta Kasprzyk, April Greek, Pesanai Chatikobo, Mufuta Tshimanga
    Behavioral Risk and Association with HIV Status in Rural Zimbabwe
    27.2 Sheana Bull, Julius Kiwanuka, Michele Ybarra
    Examining the Applicability of the Information-Motivation-Behavior Skills Model of HIV Preventive Behavior in Uganda
    27.3 Allanise Cloete, Leickness Simbayi, Anna Strebel, Thembeka Mdleleni-Bookholane, Sean Jooste, Nokhona Lewa
    A Public Health Evaluation of the Healthy Relationships Positive Prevention Intervention Programme in South Africa: Findings from a Pilot Study
    27.4 Gert Van Rooy, Steve Mitchell, Mokgweetsi Masisi, Anne Cockcroft, Neil Andersson
    Characteristics and attitudes of the choice-disabled in Namibia
    27.5 Julia Albarracin
    Demographic Characteristics and Gender Roles as Predcitors of Condom Use among Latinos in the United States
    27.6 Jan Tshabalala, Maretha Visser
    Developing a cognitive behavioural therapy model to assist women
    27.7 E Seloilwe, N Phalade, N Seboni
    RiskfFactors amongst adolescents living with HIV and AIDS
    27.8 Refilwe Sello, Edwin Machine, Bakani Johnson, Grace Karugaba, Mary Letshwiti
    The school as a venue for managing and preventing pediatric HIV infection: opportunities and challenges: the experience of Botswana Baylor school staff training project
    28 Mental Health Parallel 10:30-12:30 Serondela 3+4 Pepe Catalan,
    Lorraine Sherr,
    Maria Ekstrand
    28.1 Liesel Ebers�hn, Irma  Eloff, Ineke Van Dullemen, Michelle Finestone, Kathleen Sikkema, Brian Forsyth
    Drawing on resilience: insights into childrens expressions and behaviours of resilience in the mother-child relationship of HIV positive mothers.
    28.2 Pelletier Vincent, Daniela  Rojas, Christian Andreo, Jean-marie Le Gall, Joanne Otis, Martin Blais,
    Bruno Spire
    PLWHA Sexual Dissatisfaction: Results from the AIDES & toi survey
    28.3 Xiaoming  Li, Jintao Zhang, Yan Hong, Xiaoyi Fang
    Traumatic events, mental health, and positive future orientation among children affected by AIDS in rural China
    28.4 Kealeboga Jeremiah, Andrew  Steenhoff, Mosepele Mosepele, Catherine Cherry, Katherine Lawler
    HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders in Botswana: a pilot study
    28.5 Richard Harding, Jorge Eisenchlas, Pedro Cahn, R Strauss, Lorraine Sherr, Liliana DeLima
    Psychological and physical symptomatology in the era of treatment: Argentinean outpatients report high burden even after initiating treatment
    28.6 Katie Wakeham
    The symptom prevalence and burden in treatment naive immunosupressed HIV-1 infected adults in rural Uganda
    28.7 Michele Pappin, Frikkie Booysen, Edwin Wouters
    Prevalence and predictors of anxiety and depression in adults enrolled in the public sector ART programme in the Free State
    28.8 George Palattiyil
    Families in HIV/AIDS Care: Understanding vulnerabilities and resilience across cultures
    29 Interventions for HIV free generation Discussion 12:30-13:30 Tsodilo B1+2
    43 Financing Treatment and Care Workshop 12:30-13:30 Tsodilo C Larry Sawers,
    Eilleen Stillwaggon
    43.1 Sara  Sulzbach, Susna  De, Wenjuan Wang
    From Emergency Relief to Sustained Response: Examining the Role of the Private Sector in Financing HIV/AIDS Services
    43.2 Yared Santa Ana Tellez, Veronika  Wirtz, Warren Kaplan, Clinton Trout
    Analysis of antiretroviral drug prices in Latin America: identifying opportunities to increase procurement efficiency
    43.3 Veronika Wirtz, Steven s.  Forsythe, Atanacio  Valencia-Mendoza, Sergio Bautista-Arredondo, Yared Santa Ana-Téllez
    Explaining diffeences in the cost of amtiretrovirals in developing countries: Maximising value for money
    45 Family Health Study – coping intervention for HIV+ parents and children Symposium 12:30-13:30 Tsodilo B4 Danuta Kasprzyk,
    45.1 Sally nyandiya Bundy
    TALC to PIP: the adaptation of TALC for Zimbabwe
    45.2 Rachel Gatsi, Sally Nyandiya-Bundy, Stephen Machokoto, Norest Beta, Tinashe Muromo, Mufuta Tshimanga,
    Daniel Montano, Danuta Kasprzyk
    Overview of formative research to adapt project TALC: A brief summary of results and lessons learned in the pilot/formative phase
    45.3 Norest Beta, Norest Tembani Beta, Tinashe Muromo, Stephen Machokoto, Rachel Gatsi, Sally Nyandiya Bundy,
    Mufuta Tshimanga, Daniel Monta�o, Danuta Kasprzyk
    Parent Intervention Programme [PIP](Project TALC-Zimbabwe) Intervention implementation
    45.4 Stephen Machokoto, Rachel Gatsi, Sally Nyandiya-Bundy, Norest Beta, Tinashe Muromo, Mufuta Tshimanga,
    Daniel Montano, Danuta Kasprzyk
    Summary of process of identification of eligible families: Census and Health Screening process and results to find our 400 eligible families
    45.5 Tinashe Muromo, Stephen Machokoto, Rachel Gatsi, Sally Nyandiya-Bundy, Norest Beta, Mufuta Tshimanga,
    April Greek, Daniel Montano, Danuta Kasprzyk
    Summary of health and psychosocial assessment baseline results: A brief description of the implementation of the baseline
    48 HIV in Botswana Satellite 12:30-13:30 Serondela 3+4 Seeletso Mosweunyane
    30 Treatment and alternative treatments Parallel 14:00-16:00 Tsodilo B4 Judith Dorell,
    Richard Matlhare,
    Ellen Stein
    30.1 Gavin George, Millicent Atujuna, Timothy Quinlan, Candice  Meyer
    The impact of ART scale up on health workers: evidence from two South African districts
    30.2 Mosa Moshabela, Mosa Moshabela, Paul Pronyk, Helen Schneider, Niketa Williams, Mark Lurie
    Traditional healers, private practitioners and herbalists: Healthcare pluralism amongst rural HIV/ART patients in South Africa
    30.3 Richard Harding, Victoria Simms, Suzanne Penfold, Peter Fayers, Julia Downing, Ra Powell,
    Zipporah Ali, Faith Mwangi-Powell, Eve Namisango, Grace Munene, Clare Nsubuga, Geoffrey Banga,
    Jeniffer Kataike, Mackuline Atieno, Nancy Gikaara, Scott Moreland, Irene Higginson
    What are the multidimensional palliative care needs of patients presenting for HIV outpatient care in East Africa: results from a multicentre international study
    30.4 Fanny Chabrol, Fanny Chabrol
    Multiple ways of caring for patients in an ARV clinic in Botswana
    30.5 Sharon Kalsy, Sharon Kalsy
    Title: the prevalence and psychological management of chronic pain in people living with HIV.
    30.6 Benjamin Nhandi, Ray Nsigaye , Benjamin Nhandi, Mark Urassa, Basia Zaba, Jim Todd
    Driving the devil away – Holy water, prayers, and other miraculous cures for AIDS in a semi-rural Tanzanian ward
    30.7 Elena Vvedenskaya, Grigory Moshkovich, Oxana Shilova
    End-of-Life Care Communication Barriers for Doctors and Patients
    30.8 Diana Echeverria, D Kasprzyk D, S Goldenkranz, Ce Ndhlovu, K Mangwende, T Mushove
    Characterizing Neurobehavioral Decline Among HIV Groups In Zimbabwe: Pilot Study
    31 Gender, Risk and Partnerships Parallel 14:00-16:00 Tsodilo B1+2 Susan Cochran,
    Sue McAllister
    31.1 Anne Cockcroft, Neil Andersson, Ari Ho-Foster, Nobantu Marokoane, Bheka Mziyako
    What has happened to multiple sexual partnerships in Swaziland between 2002 and 2008?
    31.2 Yanga Zembe, Mickey Chopra
    the prevalence of intimate partner violence in the sexual relationships of young women with multiple sexual partners in a peri-urban setting in the Western Cape
    31.3 Christiana Noestlinger, Rebecca Woo, Tom Platteau, Sibylle Nideroest
    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Face of HIV+ Women in Europe Today (Findings from the Eurosupport 5 Study)
    31.4 Vickie Mays, Susan Cochran
    Changing the next 25 years of the HIV epidemic: linking contextual syndemics in the US as a method for the prevention of new infections in African American women in the South
    31.5 Suneeta Krishnan, Sujit Rathod, Corinne Rocca, Kalyani Subbiah
    HIV testing among Young Married Women in an Observational Study in Bangalore, India: Ethical Challenges and Testing Uptake
    31.6 Loraine Townsend, Anders Ragnarsson, Cathy Mathews, Lisa Johnston, Anna mia Ekstrom, Anna Thorson,
    Mickey Chopra
    Taking care of businesss: Alcohol as currency in transactional sexual relationships among players in Cape Town, South Africa.
    32 Adherence Parallel 14:00-16:00 Serondela 3+4 Bruno Spire,
    Barbara Hedge,
    Ditsapelo McFarland
    32.1 Lorraine Sherr, Fiona Lampe, Richard Harding, C Smith, M Johnson, A Phillips
    Physical and psychological symptoms and risk of virological rebound among patients with virological suppression on ART
    32.2 Stanley Bii
    Retention of ART patients at Lodwar District Hospital Comprehensive Care Clinic (CCC), Kenya
    32.3 Marie Pr�au, Camelia Protopopescu, Marie Pr�au, Fran�ois Raffi, Perrine Roux, Fid�line Collin,
    Jacques Reynes, Pierre Dellamonica, Catherine Leport, Maria-patrizia Carrieri, Jean-paul Moatti, Bruno Spire
    Factors associated with non-adherence to long-term HAART: a 10-year follow-up analysis with correction for the bias induced by missing data
    32.4 Maria Ekstrand, Sara Chandy, Elsa Heylen, Sijuthomas Panicker, Wayne Steward, Thomas Osmand,
    Girija Singh
    Effective HAART adherence interventions need to address AIDS stigma
    32.5 Wynne Norton, K. rivet Amico, William a.  Fisher, Deborah h. Cornman, Paul a. Shuper, Cynthia Trayling,
    Caroline Redding, Rebecca a. Ferrer, Jeffrey d. Fisher
    Information, motivation, and behavioral skills barriers associated with intentional vs. unintentional ARV non-adherence behavior among HIV-positive patients in clinical care
    32.6 Adriana Ammassari, Paola Pierro, Adriana Ammassari, Maria paola Trotta, Pietro Sette, Maria letizia Giancola,
    Marina Giulianelli, Andrea Antinori, Mauro  Zaccarelli
    Non-adherence pattern to antiretroviral therapy among immigrants from low resources countries, attending a reference center in Rome.
    32.7 N Phalade, K Nthomang, B Ngwenya, N Seboni
    Adherence to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART): Challenges faced by Adolescents Living with HIV (ALWHA) in Botswana
    33 New Technologies Parallel 14:00-16:00 Tsodilo C M Gorgens,
    Genevieve Paicheler,
    Sibylle Nideroest
    33.1 B. r. simon Rosser, Joseph Konstan, Simon Hooper, Keith Horvath, Gene Danilenko, Katherine Nygaard,
    J. michael Oakes
    Sexpulse: An Internet-based HIV prevention program for Men who use the Internet to seek Sex with Men
    33.2 Sheana Bull, Dennis Nabembezi , Ruth  Birungi , Michele Ybarra, Julius Kiwanuka
    Ugandan youth preferences for computer based sexuality education: The CyberSenga Project
    33.3 Udi Davidovich, Rik Koekenbier, Freke Zuure
    Testing thresholds to zero: usage, usability and acceptability of online testing for HIV, STI, and HEP C
    33.4 Stephane Simonpietri, Daniela  Rojas, Jean-marie Le Gall, Olivier Jablonski, Christian Andreo, Bruno Spire,
    Vincent Pelletier
    A community-based Internet approach for PLWHA:
    33.5 Carrie Kovarik, Carrie Kovarik, Rahat Azfar, Gordana Cavric, Zsofia Szep, Sarah Ratcliffe,
    Rachel Gormley, Jennifer  Weinberg, Ann Steiner, Robert Lee, Leslie Castelo-Soccio, Kelly Quinley,
    Doreen Ramogola-Masire
    The use of mobile telemedicine for remote diagnosis in HIV infected patients in Botswana
    33.6 Michele Ybarra, Kimberly Mitchell, Julius Kiwanuka
    Coercive Sex among Adolescents in Uganda: Prevalence, Risk and Protective Factors
    33.7 Alain Leobon, Alain Leobon
    Sexual risk behaviours among men using the Internet to meet other men for sexual purposes in France: Primary results from the Net Gay Barometer 2009 study.
    34 Champ Workshop 16:30-18:00 Tsodilo B4 Arvin Bhana
    34.1 Arvin Bhana, Alejandra Bordato, Carina  Miranda, Rosa Bolgna
    Adapting CHAMP positive: international perspectives. Champ+ Argentina
    34.2 Arvhin Bhana, Stacey Alicea, Mary Mckay, Claude  Mellins
    symposium: adapting champ positive: international perspectives. champ+ new york
    34.4 Arvin Bhana, Inge Petersern, Arvhin Bhana, Nonhlahla Mayeza
    symposium: adapting champ positive: international perspectives. champ+ south africa
    35 Cutting Edge Technology – Benefits and Hazards of Circumcision initiatives – ANRS Sponsored Debate 16:30-18:00 Tsodilo C Genevieve Paicheler,
    Gita Ramjee,
    Mukuzi Muhereza
    36 Motivational Interviewing Workshop 16:30-18:00 Serondela 3+4 Sharon Kalsy
    36.1 Sharon Kalsy
    They just dont listen! A Motivational Interviewing Workshop: supporting staff in health settings to work effectively and empathetically with patients living with HIV.
    37 Pediatric ART Workshop 16:30-18:00 Tsodilo B1+2 Tamsen Rochet
    37.1 Tamsen Rochat, Hoosen Coovadia, Alan Stein, Lorraine  Sherr, Tamsen Rochat
    Paediatric ART in Southern Africa where to from here? Lessons from 2007-2009 Priorities for 2011
    # Title Type Times Room Chairs
    38 Botswana / South Africa Household surveys Sub-Plenary 08:30-10:30 Tsodilo C Linda Richter,
    Anna Majelantle,
    Nthabi Phaladze
    38.1 Boga Fidzani, Richard  Matlhare
    Population-based second-generation HIV surveillance in Botswana and South Africa. A best practice undertaken by local researchers
    39 Late Breakers Parallel 08:30-10:30 Tsodilo B4 Anne Cockroft,
    Ashraf Grimwood
    39.1 Dina Sidhva, Viviene Cree
    A Cross-Sector Needs Assessment of Children Infected and Affected by HIV in Scotland
    39.2 Alastair Van Heerden, Heidi Van Rooyen, Linda Richter, Mary-jane Rotheram
    Project Masihambisane (An information and support programme for women and their children in PMTCT programmes delivered by HIV-positive peer mentors during pregnancy and post-partum): Information needs and disclosure.
    39.3 Tafireyi Marukutira, Rachel Seleke, Gadzikanani Monyatsi
    Cervical cancer screening in a family care model clinic at botswana-baylor coe
    39.4 X Jibril
    Effectiveness of arv nurse prescribers in peadiatric arv provision: the experience of the botswana-baylor childrens clinical centre of excellence (coe)
    39.5 Li Li, Sung-jae Lee, Chuleeporn Jiraphongsa, Mary jane  Rotheram-Borus
    An Intervention to Improve Quality of Life for People Living with HIV in Thailand
    39.6 Caroline Desclaux, Alice Desclaux, Marie De Cenival
    Providing adapted information to participants in medical research : an experiment to move from advocacy towards experience-based implementation
    39.7 Dalitso Mzinganjira, Jj Van Oosterhout, J Kumwenda, C Kanyama, R Weigel, B Mhango,
    S Phiri, M Hosseinipour, L Brown
    Clinical, Immunological and Virological Outcomes of Toxicity Patients Initiating Second line Treatment in Malawi
    39.8 Mmapaseka Majaja, Alicia  Davids, Geoffrey Setswe, Nokhona Lewa
    Psychosocial support and needs of community home based caregivers and facilitators working with orphans and vulnerable children and people living with HIV/AIDS in South Africa: Case of South African Red Cross Society
    42 Working upstream – HIV in the context of Poverty Parallel 08:30-10:30 Tsodilo B1+2 Eileen Stillwaggon,
    Larry Sawers
    42.1 Eileen Stillwaggon, Larry Sawers
    Economic Development and the HIV Epidemic in Botswana
    42.2 Judd Walson, Judd Walson, Bradley Herrin, Grace John-Stewart
    Deworming helminth and HIV co-infected individuals to delay disease progression; a systematic review and meta analysis
    42.3 Moritz Hunsmann
    Is the vertical struggle stuck in the fire-fighting mode? Rationales and obstacles to using the AIDS-money for integrated upstream prevention in Tanzania
    42.4 Robert Levine, Vincent Agboto, Maria Pisu, Paul Juarez, Roger Zoorob, J. gary Linn,
    Charles Hennekens
    Community co-factors, diffusion of innovation, and disparities in US HIV mortality
    42.5 Damien De Walque, Damien De Walque, Harounan Kazianga, Mead Over
    The impact of the food and financial crisis on adherence to antiretroviral treatment and on treatment success among HIV/AIDS patients in Mozambique.
    42.6 Maria elena  Garcia Mora
    Increasing Small-Holder Production through Structured Demand in HIV/AIDS Programmes
    40 Future pathways Plenary 11:00-13:00 Tsodilo C Bridgette Prince,
    Frans van den Boom
    40.1 Genevieve  Paicheler
    From real life to real life : the circular debates about male circumcision and HIV prevention
    40.2 Veronica Noseda
    Science and Community
    40.3 Cheikh ibrahima NIANG
    Culture and AIDS
    40.4 Richard Wolitski
    HIV Positive Current challenges
    40.5 Hoosen Coovadia
    Why is HIV so severe in Women in Southern Africa?
    40.6 Susan Newcomer
    NIH Research on Children Infected and Affected by HIV


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