Zichire has offices located in Milton Park close to the Parirenyatwa Hospital where the College of Health Sciences is housed. The premises include the main administrative offices at 28 Van Praagh Road and the VMMC Program offices at 27 Harvey Brown Road. The two buildings are located back to back with the main entrance to the premises from 28 Van Praagh Road. The entire premises are connected to the internet via WiFi and optic fiber cable, a separate borehole in case there is a water supply challenge and a backup generator in the event of power cuts.

UZARI Laboratory

UZARI Laboratory is a laboratory attached to ZiCHIRe Project and was set up to carry out testing on samples collected during various studies

The lab is equipped to carry out Staining, Microscopy,Rapid testing, RPR and TPHA, ELISA and PCR testing for identification and confirmation of STI’s and HIV.

The Laboratory also acts as a storage facility of samples collected during studies where participants have given consent for their samples to be stored and used in further investigations.


Chitungwiza is a satellite residential town located about 30 km on the southern edge of Harare with a population of 350,840 people according to the census conducted in 2012. It is the largest high density suburb divided into three residential divisions – Seke, St Marys and Zengeza which are all made up several surburbs where our VMMC clinics are located.

Seke is an aggregation of many sections whilst Zengeza is composed of 5 different sub-sections; Zengeza 1 to 5. Zengeza 4 is near the Chitungwiza Shopping Complex which is popularly known as the “Town Centre” (which in turn is located in Seke’s Unit “D”. There are more than 15 different housing estates in Seke which are named after the alphabet. There is Unit A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, O and Unit P.

The town is served by Chitungwiza central hospital, which is one of the three national referral hospitals in the country and three council run clinics Seke North, Seke South and Zengeza from where we provide circumcision services. All the clinics have capacity to perform VMMC procedures using both PrePex and Surgical methods. A team of qualified nurses and doctors are available to attend to the clients at each site.

The 2016 national VMMC target for Chitungwiza is 17 521 and for COP15 Q1, 2 and 3 we have circumcised 11 220 men giving us a 64% achievement rate which is a remarkable feat for a programme in its second year.

Our flagship site is Zengeza clinic, a self-contained state of the art VMMC facility that has also been turned into one of the national VMMC training facilities and is supported by a mobile caravan to provide services to the town residents.