ZiCHIRe has conducted over ten large and several small-scale studies. These include clinical trials of the PrePex and behavioural research studies that helped inform program implementation,  helped to assess the impact of public health intervention as well as to help in the design of these interventions.

In addition to a large behavioural prevention intervention trial (NIMH STD/HIV Prevention Trial [5 U10 MH061544]) modeled on the popular opinion leader model, other studies conducted include:

  • a measurement study, using previously collected data in Zimbabwe to design the behavioural and attitudinal sections of the Young Adult Survey (YAS), in Zimbabwe (SAFER report, 2001; MOHCW YAS report, 200x),
    formative research to design a radio drama conducted for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Zimbabwe office (Montaño, Kasprzyk, et al, 2004),
  • a DIFD project to determine the nutritional status of families affected by AIDS (Woelk, et al, 2006),a study to determine the effects of alcohol on risky behavior (Cubbins, Alcohol, Risky Sexual Behavior, and HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe (R21 AA014802), and an intervention among patrons of Harare beer halls (Fritz, Woelk, et. al.).
  • In 2005, ZiCHIRe added a new study funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR, 1 R01 NR009920), this Phase Two trial implemented the Project TALC Intervention (Rotheram-Borus, 2001; 2003; 2005; Lightfoot, et al.,), among 400 families in Zimbabwe affected by HIV or AIDS. This intervention was effective in reducing the stress, grief, and other psychosocial concomitants of HIV and AIDS disease and death among the affected families.